Ten Years Celebration

So, I sit here now looking back at 10 years of Wymondham Associates…

In 2011, I took a gamble to go my own way and carve out my future doing something I was (and still am) very passionate about – recruiting construction professionals into and around the Caribbean. 

The Caribbean, as with most of the world, was still rebuilding itself economically following the Great Recession, so the timing was a concern, but I wanted to prove to myself that this was a sustainable and viable venture that would better suit me and my family… Well 10 years has passed and the business is going from strength to strength and I am continuing to service existing clients as well as new, and there is never a dull moment.  

Recording growth every year since its inception, there has been plenty highs and plenty lows, and lots of sleepless nights, but no day comes without its challenges. Over the years, I have made some great friends across the Caribbean; I have placed some amazing people on some amazing and prestigious projects, all in (yes you guessed it..) amazing locations.!

I have also been able to travel to the region and see for myself what I’m (in a small way) helping to build – from schools and hospitals, to uber luxury hotels/resorts and homes, airports, cruise line terminals, golf courses, and much more… The travel has also allowed me to meet with clients and professionals, understand the environments, the culture and meet the people… And allowed me the opportunity to share this travel with my family and allow my children to see for themselves what I help companies do.. (…and now I’m getting asked annually about returning to the Atlantis!)

I could not have achieved any of this without some fantastic clients and candidates, and I thank them all for working with, and sticking with, me throughout these last 10 years, and hopefully another 10 to follow…!

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me (and discouraged me) and worked with me in making Wymondham Associates the ‘Go-To’ brand within the Caribbean Construction Recruitment market.

Best Wishes, Tim